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2015.01.31 05:53

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 Class: Fin Swimming, Scuba & Leadership             All year round KAUF & Olmyp. Swimming ctr
정기총회 Jan. 27 만리장성

Instructor Training Course (ITC)

February 22 KAUF
BLS and EOS Provider Course March 14 KAUF
Instructor Trainner Workshop (ITW) March 04.05.17. April 03  KAUF
Boat Diving (ITC/ITW) April 26Santa Cruz Isl.
 Instructor Training Course (ITC) May 27 KAUF
 Skin Diving June 07 Elk, Mendocino 
인명 구급법 강습회 June 14   올림픽 경찰서 커뮤니티 룸 
Dive Trip  /  Leisure & Photograhy June 28  to Dominican Republic
Dive Trip  /  Leisure & Photograhy July 05  Dominican Republic
6 pk Boat Diving  July 26 Catalina Isl.
Scuba Diver Class  August  KAUF 
Boat Diving  Sept.  Long trip 
이사회   Sept. 08  만리장성 
6 pk Boat Diving  TBA  Lobster Diving 
6 pk Boat Diving  TBA

Lobster Diving 

수중인의밤  TBA  TBA 
*  Schedule subject to be changed  *